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About us

Our shop has been open since June 2017.

We are a custom tattoo shop located in the deep south of Calgary Alberta Canada. All of our artists bring a unique take on the art of tattoos. Our shop provides a tattoo service only (no body piercing). We do however display and sell our artwork in other media.

We are a collective of artists each working independently. So there is no shop phone or human running a front desk. In order to make contact you must email a specific artist. There are also no specific store hours. Each artist has open access to the shop and works BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Freedom for the artist to operate their own way is a beautiful thing.

Latest news

We are active!

We opened in the beginning of June as planned! Thanks to our neighbours “The Red Door” for getting our renovations done in a timely professional manner! It’s been two months and operations have been great!

To open in June 2017

No one ever said it would be easy to set up a tattoo shop but we are plugging through! Everything is going to schedule so far so we do anticipate a June open. Chris Moniz created this website with help from wordpress and youTube videos. We hope you like it and he hopes it will […]